The Vampire of Kaldenstein

The Vampire of Kaldenstein Frederick Cowles
  • Title: The Vampire of Kaldenstein
  • Author: Frederick Cowles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None
  • The Vampire of Kaldenstein Frederick Cowles The Vampire of Kaldenstein None
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      Frederick Cowles

    About Frederick Cowles

    1. Date of Birth 1900Date of Death 1949A bibliophile and antiquarian whose ghost stories were first resurrected by Hugh Lamb in his anthologies, then by the Ghost Story Press, and recently by Ash Tree Press.


    1. BOOK The Vampire Of Kaldenstein Author Frederick CowlesBeing an ardent reader of books in the horror genre, I was very pleased on coming across this incredible short story written by Cowles The author according to me has surpassed himself in this absolutely grotesque story of the unearthly Count Of Kaldenstein who as the title amply suggests is a vampire who continues living by feasting on the blood of innocent victims Many of my fellow readers on reading this enchanting story would presume it t [...]


    2. I didn t realize I had already read this years ago Good but the movie made in the 60s or 70s was better


    3. This was completely pointless There was nothing in here plot, details, theme, descriptions, anything that hadn t been seen in any previous vampire story This was 41 YEARS after Stoker s book, 7 years after the Lugosi movie I haven t read anything else by Cowles and this story does not make me inclined to do so.


    4. I swear Bram Stoker wrote this short story This was written in 1937 and is close to Dracula but set in Bavaria Excellent stuff


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